TransGo Shift Kit Installed

One word… CHIRP.

Gear changes are crisp, car feels like it accelerates quicker too and i’m loving the flat footed chirp between gears.

One Hell of a Hassel


Finally got my exhaust through customs after a massive mess around and several trips to Brisbane. Luckily the exhaust is amazing and I can’t wait to install it.

The Moment That Changed The Web… For Ever…

Today’s my 21st Birthday and my girlfriend bought me some lovely – long awaited personalised plates. Exactly what I wanted! The perfect present. It’s a shame I can’t put them on straight away since the car isn’t registered yet..

Double Din Installed

Today I got my Kenwood double din installed into the empty space the previous owner left for me. I also bought some cheap conversion stickers off eBay to put under the inbuilt TV.

If you’re looking for a Double Din Conversion Kit for your V35 check it out here

Windows Tinted!

For some reason the Japanese aren’t allowed there front windows (Driver / Passenger) tinted. So i had to get that done so my car didn’t look strange.

Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley

There is a lot of questions around an overdrive crank pulley but I decided to just give it a go anyway. Isn’t too expensive, so I ordered one of ebay today.