New Sticker = Tokyo Drift

I went to a photoshoot recently to promote TSX Autostyling (The spray shop that installed my bodykit and painted my car). Continue Reading →

Speed bumps – Now my enemy

Finally, after copious amounts of harassment I have lowered my car. Continue Reading →


New Paint Job – ‘Epic White’

Two days ago I got my car back fully painted and looking in fine form. Continue Reading →

Car’s Painted, Almost ready!

Went into the paintshop today and the car is looking great! www.tsxautostyling.com.au has done a great job and the car is as bright white as i’d have liked it. Can’t wait to see the final result when the cars back together and in the sun, glistening in Brilliant blue pearl.

Blackened V35 Indicators

I saw these bad boys on Amazon and now i’m considering buying them to suite my Black / White monotone theme. For so cheap, it’s surely worth the risk. Another V35 driver I know has pure black indicators, this is just the kind of in between.


Paint Job Time

So my car has gone in today to get a new paint job. This was to basically fix the issue that could be clearly seen since getting the bodykit installed. Instead of the Standard Pearl White the car will be a bright absolute white with blue pearl. This will mean the car is still a solid glossy white however it will have a small hint of blue in direct light. Looking forward to seeing the result. This might lead to a few changes in the future in terms of maybe a white / blue contrast, ie: Different wheels and blue wheel nuts etc. I guess only time will tell however and i’m looking forward to seeing the final results of the new paint. After a few google searches i haven’t been able to find any other white / pearl blue V35s / G35 coupe’s.



After Months, and months, and months the worlds largest box has arrived containing my bodykit and new lights – check them out here! Can’t wait to get this installed.

Vertini Fairladys

Today I got my new wheels installed. Vertini Fairladys. 20 inch, 245′s on the front and 275′s in the rear. Been looking at these wheels for a while and they’ll work in well the eventual Black / White theme I plan on using across the car.

The Moment That Changed The Web… For Ever…

Today’s my 21st Birthday and my girlfriend bought me some lovely – long awaited personalised plates. Exactly what I wanted! The perfect present. It’s a shame I can’t put them on straight away since the car isn’t registered yet..